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Get out your rollerblades, plug in your camo keyboard, and fire up your BLT drive.Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets with Comparison Chart - Do you want to store your bitcoins or cryptocurrency assets in trusted most trusted and secure wallet.A DOM-based XSS vulnerability in the extension (found by Google Project Zero) allowed an attacker to craft a content that would run Javascript as the extension.Exploitation of wireless devices is growing increasingly common, thanks to the proliferation of radio frequency protocols driven by mobile and IoT.The talk will cover how DNS rebinding works, the mitigations imposed by modern browsers and networks, and how each mitigation can be bypassed.Dave is currently part of team at ZX Security in Wellington and works as a penetration tester.But the Ledger Blue has this screen on the hardware wallet which has a neatly designed interface with apps on it, allows for easy management of accounts, as well as installation and removal of the applications.What It Will Take For You To Get Bitcoin At The Bank. the Bitcoin wallet and payment processor. The Rise of the Micro-Screencast.

Patrick Wardle Patrick Wardle is the Chief Security Researcher at Synack, and founder of Objective-See.

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He has a few philosophies on life: He believes that while the righteous keep moving forward, those with clean hands become stronger and stronger.We will also explore the implications when the accuracy of the time on your server can no longer be guaranteed.Stephan Huber Stephan Huber is a security researcher at the Testlab mobile security group at the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (SIT).

He was also a partner with a strategic advisory firm helping businesses expand into international markets.We have uncovered the way BITS maintains its jobs queue using a state file on disk, and found a way for a local administrator to control jobs using special modifications to that file.

Yves Le Provost Yves Le Provost is a security auditor for more than 10 years.Lin Huang Lin HUANG is a wireless security researcher and SDR technology expert, from Radio Security Research Dept. of 360 Technology.Since then he has learned more effective ways to go about discovering the secrets those black things are hiding and even how to make them do different things than intended.Eden grew up in Nigeria, where he was bored into assembly programming for the Z80 chip, graduated into the demo and cracking scenes while being thrown out of high-school but ended up being a (somewhat) productive member of society.Your access to the target site is completely blocked no matter what proxy or VPN you use.

Details on the rigged RNG and other details from the case will be presented publicly for the first time during this talk.Start accepting bitcoin, store and spend bitcoin securely, or get the BitPay Card.Today there is practically a year-round CTF circuit, on which teams hone their skills, win prizes and attain stature.Then come engage with your peers and the first US National Intelligence Officer for Cyber Issues on ways to hack democracy.To understand the Android ecosystem today, one must understand Android packers.Phone systems have been long forgotten in favor of more modern technology.Things that make him excited include obscure wireless attacks, evading antivirus, and playing with fire.

This talk will also reveal that the news has been socialized for a long time, and that socially engineered news lead to the start of the Spanish American War.While hackers and governments may be more interested in the former, malware analysts can benefit from the later.Born in Paris, he received a Ph.D from ENS-cachan in 2008 before working at Stanford University and ultimately joining Google in 2011.Assuming the endpoint has a cloud-enhanced antivirus installed, we show that if the AV employs an Internet-connected sandbox in its cloud, it in fact facilitates such exfiltration.Dennis co-founded Houston Locksport in Houston, Texas where he shares his love for lock-picking and physical security as well as Houston Area Hackers Anonymous (HAHA), a meet-up for hackers and InfoSec professionals in the Houston area.

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Siegfried Rasthofer Siegfried Rasthofer is a vulnerability- and malware-researcher at Fraunhofer SIT (Germany) and his main research focus is on applied software security on Android applications.Nathan has guest lectured at numerous institutions including MIT, Stanford and West Point Academy.Navigating a practical and hopeful approach between the utopian and dystopian camps, Kasparov focuses on how we can rise to the challenge of the AI revolution despite job losses to automation and refuting those who say our technology is making us less human.

Previous to that, Tomer has worked as an application security expert in several firms.

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At 13 he got his first PC - Amstrad PC1512 - and within a year was already into reverse engineering.

Stringing together the exploitation of several seemingly uninteresting vulnerabilities can be a fun challenge for security researchers, penetration testers, and malicious attackers.Having worked part time as a web application developer during his undergraduate degree in computer science, he specialised into intrusion detection in his honours year, and is currently performing his PhD into new and fantastic network anomaly detection mechanisms at Curtin University.

He is also the Grand Vizier of All Things Vendor - you are welcome.Revoke-Obfuscation has been used in numerous Mandiant investigations to successfully identify obfuscated and non-obfuscated malicious PowerShell scripts and commands.

You can get hands-on experience in the Villages and witness amazing feats of programming in Demo Labs.Jim is a senior staff member with BSides Las Vegas, a member of the ITEN WIRED Planning Committee and the president of the Florida Panhandle (ISC)2 Chapter.A 2009-2010 EFF Open Government Legal Fellow, Nate spent two years in private practice before returning to his senses and to EFF in 2012.