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That said, without it, Illinois would really be scraping bottom.To distinguish one from the other, the U.S. Department of State adds the capital in parentheses.

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This Queens Brunch Spot Is Serving Guacamole-Stuffed Fried Onion Rings.The American Dream: 35 of the 50 list-makers are self-made entrepreneurs,.Use this Link to Submit Additions or Corrections to the Directory.

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Though to be fair, in most countries, coming up with the Eskimo Pie, the loose-meat sandwich, and University of Iowa three point-shooting legend Chris Kingsbury would be enough to ensure a place at the top of the heap.

Quick download all 50 US states. Yes, include DC in the list of states, but mark it as the.

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Inventing the cheeseburger, the can opener, ESPN, and Rick Mahorn can only get you so far.Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

Most of the Jersey Shore (place, not show) is rather pleasant and devoid of laundry-obsessed orange people, South Jersey is basically a pastoral wonderland, and the state arguably does both pizza and cheesesteaks better than its more heralded neighbors in either direction.The Best Vegetarian Restaurant in All 50 States. Stop by one of these 50 vegetarian restaurants from across the.Despite being home to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, sandwiches that incorporate French fries as a filling, and football fans who steal prosthetic legs, Pennsylvania still feels like it flies a bit under the radar sometimes.The Hawkeye State is like that kid you bunk with at camp who has decent snacks, and never tries to steal your diary and read it aloud at lunch, even though he can hear you weeping while you write your missives under the covers.To this day Utah is still amazed it managed to host the Olympics.The United States of America is an expansive and diverse country.Label each of the states on the map with its abbreviation. Worksheet - Do You Know Your 50 States Author: Nathan Smith Subject.Home of the Cardinals, who, as you may have heard, have the best fans in baseball.

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And if a guy tells you he goes to Reno all the time, you are either about to be murdered or given the hard sell on some discounted irrigation equipment.

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The best steakhouses in all 50 states. Quality steakhouses are peppered throughout every state in America.List of All 50 State Abbreviations By YourDictionary Although e-mail has made the task of communicating with friends and family much easier, there are still many.Use this to help you quiz yourself on the states, capitals and abbreviations.Use this handy tool to generate a list of US States, Canadian Provinces, and more.

It will display them in a variety of useful formats that you can copy and paste.Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.BezalelCoins specialize in US coins, state quarters, presidential dollars, Banknotes, Stamps and the supplies.The Razorback State is a dark horse of sorts, underrated for both its BBQ and spa town tranquility (conveniently, both happen in the same place ).State Abbreviations list: 50 states abbreviations. State Abbreviations: State Abbreviations List.ALL 50 STATES AND CAPITALS LIST all 50 states and capitals list, 50 states capitals map, 50 states and capitals of america, 50 states flags pictures, map of 50 states.In the scheme of things, this is actually a pretty good ranking.

The Best Damn Thing in Every State. More than 260 breweries populate the Beaver State, after all,.In no particular order, things Tennessee gets right include: hot chicken, the Stax Museum, sneakily passionate hockey fanbases, ribs, Beale Street, state songs, dressing weirdly nice for college football games, and theme parks dedicated to busty country musicians.People will see it as Author Name with your public word lists.Hoosiers like to think of themselves as the living embodiment of a John Mellencamp song, even if they were never actually born in a small town or dated anyone named Diane.

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Actually needs to be congratulated for figuring out a way to work mayonnaise into its BBQ.